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Balaji Consulting Group (BCG) is a team of human capital PhDs who combine the authority of academic research, diverse practical business experience and a passion for bringing the power of predictive analytics and return on investment measurement to everyday businesses.

The ability to make smarter data-driven decisions is no longer available only to Fortune 500 companies. Through BCG, it is now possible for a broad range of organizations across industries to benefit from our experts who know how to extract invaluable insights and create action plans based on what was traditionally intangible information about people.

Now it’s possible to scientifically identify and implement the best strategies involved with making critical decisions related to people that include (but are not limited to):

  • Properly compensating and engaging key talent
  • Valuing human capital assets and anticipating key issues involved in a merger or acquisition
  • Anticipating and pre-empting issues related to the implementation of a new technology or other key organizational initiatives
  • Defining your organization’s “behavioral DNA” or culture to make better hiring decisions
  • Identifying and developing action plans to address customer satisfaction or employee turnover, or why you’re not meeting sales targets or other key goals.
We are focused on attaining real, measurable
results that are sustainable for your organization.

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