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A Personal Passion to Bring Human Capital Analytics to a Broader Base of Businesses

This blog post marks the launch of a new consulting company, Balaji Consulting Group. Our new company is the result of years of corporate and academic work related to how organizations can benefit from human capital analytics to make better decisions. Our team of Ph.D. researchers are passionate about bringing our expertise and experience to a broad base of organizations that n

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Do You Know Your Company’s Knowledge Management Strategy?

In addition to knowledge management methods, businesses need to have strategies in place to promote the flow of knowledge within an organization and drive success. These strategies allow companies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and keep that edge into the future. While there are more strategies in the field of knowledge management and each company has a slightly

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Knowledge Management Styles Your Company Needs to Know

Knowledge management (KM) is a broad field that’s interpreted differently by different departments in an organization depending on their individual goals. Collectively, it’s the strategic use of intellectual capital to drive business evolution and measurable outcomes. KM methodologies vary between organizations and schools of thought. Some organizations promote the pursu

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