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Our consultants at Balaji Consulting Group are committed to its people – and we are committed to your continued success. When you work with BCG, you will have access to unprecedented academic and industry-specific knowledge. Our human capital development strategies are backed by decades of academic and professional knowledge. In fact, we all either hold Ph.D.’s or are currently pursuing these advanced degrees.

We have experience across an impressive variety of industries. Our advisors come from backgrounds in health care, finance, business development, project management, IT systems management and security, adult education, and more. This is a large part of what makes us so effective; when we work together to develop OB management or HR staffing solutions, you will have the benefit of a team of consultants personally experienced with your trade.


Ashish Banerjee, MBA, Ph.D. (Candidate)

Principal Consultant

t1Ashish has nearly 17 years’ corporate experience with numerous multi-national companies in diverse industries, including pharmacy, health care, and finance, complemented by extensive global operations management, business development, and project management knowledge and experience.

Ashish holds a Bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University and an MBA from Bethel University. He is currently on track to obtain his Ph.D. in Human Capital Management by 2017 from Bellevue University.

Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D.

Principal Advisor

t4 (1)Dr. Jack J. Phillips is the Chairman of the ROI Institute and a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. Phillips provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations. The author or editor of more than 75 books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world.

Phillips has received several awards for his books and work. The Society for Human Resource Management presented him an award for one of his books and honored a Phillips ROI study with its highest award for creativity. The American Society for Training and Development gave him its highest award, Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Development for his work on ROI. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Fortune magazine. He has been interviewed by several television programs, including CNN.

His expertise in measurement and evaluation is based on more than 27 years of corporate experience in the aerospace, textile, metals, construction materials, and banking industries. Dr. Phillips has served as training and development manager at two Fortune 500 firms, as senior human resource officer at two firms, as president of a regional bank, and as management professor at a major state university.

Dr. Phillips regularly consults with clients in manufacturing, service, and government organizations in over 60 countries in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Dr. Phillips has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics; a master’s degree in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University; and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from the University of Alabama. He has served on the boards of several private businesses—including two NASDAQ companies—and several nonprofits and associations, including the American Society for Training and Development, the National Management Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement, where he served as president.

Damian O’Brien, MBA, Ph.D. (Candidate)

Principal Consultant

t3Damian has 10 years of experience with industry leaders of both private and public organizations on both a national and global scale. His experience spans multiple industries, including finance, logistics, and education, with extensive finance management, human resource management, project management, and process improvement knowledge.

Damian holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Business and Computer information technology from Union College, an MBA in Finance from Bellevue University and is on track to obtain his Ph.D. in Human Capital Management by 2017 from Bellevue University.


Principal Consultant

t4Akin has held multiple leadership positions in operations, healthcare, and financial services over the last 18 years. He currently consults with financial institutions on Information Technology, Security, and Operations risk management.

Akin was an adjunct professor at Aquinas College in Nashville, TN. He received a BS in Economics and a Masters in Computer Information Systems and Accounting. He is also currently working towards a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in Information Systems Management at Northwestern University.


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