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The failure to address human capital assets and integration issues is a prime reason for the under-performance of many acquisitions and mergers. Today, analytics tools enable organizations to provide a far better view of an organization’s human capital assets in terms of talent, thought leadership, influence, and receptivity to change, all of which can play a key role in asset valuations and identifying the best integration strategy.

BCG can work with organizations throughout every step of the M&A process, starting with the pre-negotiation stage through due diligence and beyond. Organizations overlook the assessment of human capital assets at their peril, as many a merger or acquisition is hurt by inefficiencies and/or the loss of key talent whose departure can have a material impact on performance for years. New analytics tools make it possible to construct far more reasoned human capital valuations and integration decisions than ever before.

We team up with your firm to ensure your human capital assets are considered in the valuation and that a successful transition and transformation takes place.

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